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Food Revolution Good for you
and the planet

Set an example with your nutrition!

Try out new recipes 
Experience the good taste
Discover a protein alternative to meat
Experience climate-friendly and sustainably produced food

Join us on our new journey.

Bold Foods serves the revolution on the plate.
The future is our present
And innovation is our norm.

Decide for yourself what your favorite food stands for!

About us

You are wondering who the company behind these extraordinary products is? Get to know Bold Foods and the team behind it: Marlo and Federico. Their motto: “get to know new things and try them out”. Does that sound familiar to you?

The earth says, „thank you” (because nowadays good planets are hard to find)

Things to know

Have you become curious? Here we regularly provide you with information and facts about our products, recipe inspirations and much more. Because we believe, one can only fully enjoy today if you know what you have on your plate.

Die Sonne scheint und die Grill-Saison ist eröffnet – da fehlt eigentlich nur noch eins: das passende zum leckeren Barbecue. Aber womit kann man 2019...

Unsere Food-Revolution ist in vollem Gange und erobert die Tiefkühlregale der Nation. Ab jetzt sind unsere drei Patties mit Insektenprotein...

Ab dieser Woche sind bei Kaufland Insektenburger erhältlich. Nudeln und Müsli aus Insekten wird der Lebensmittelhändler ab Mitte April anbieten. Die...

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