The founders

If you walk through life with open eyes, there is much to discover ­– also culinary. That’s what happened to us and our idea was born to break new grounds when it comes to nutrition. This is why we founded the food company Bold Foods in 2019.

Federico: „As an Italian, passion for good food is already part of my DNA. Throughout my first professional years, I was eating out a lot. I was always looking for something that would convince me of taste and at the same time be promising for the future in terms of nutrition value and sustainability in production.

Today, with Bold Foods and our products we are closing this. We develop new product concepts with unusual ingredients that convince us regarding taste whilst maintaining the highest level of attention to detail”.

Marlo: „Due to food intolerances, I, as a child already developed  strong awareness for products that are good for me and ones that are not. During my studies, I got to know the variety of cuisines in different countries and once I was back in Germany, I missed this food variety.

Together with Bold Foods, Federico and I have taken the opportunity to develop interesting, innovative and climate-friendly food that is also delicious”.

Senior Advisor

Ricarda: "My expertise clearly lies in the German food trading market. Here I have many years of experience, especially with niche products that focus on the aspect of sustainability. The potential of this project convinced me from the very beginning and I’m very happy to be a part of it".