Everybody loves Burgers

We all agree: Burgers have been trendy for quite some time and to be honest, there’s always an opportunity to make one. However, they have become much more than just a patty with some leaves between two pieces of bread. Fresh veggies, homemade buns, flavorful ingredients – far from the formerly soggy fast-food dish burgers these days can be incredibly unique and even pretty healthy. But how come they are more trendy than ever?

Fast Good rather than Fast Food

What used to be pickles or extra cheese is now goat cheese with figs. Creative and bold is the motto of burger-trends these days. Through a new generation of burgers, the former fast-food classic becomes a fast-good dish. Other than freshness and quality, burger lovers focus on creativity and courage for new ideas. Conventional was yesterday. The more extravagant the ingredients, the better. Fruits have, for instance, replaced veggies on burgers. Whether it’s strawberries, mangos or apples – the fresh ‘n fruity flavor creates a tropical holiday-feeling at home. To top the whole thing up, one may use cinnamon and mint for a refined flavor. The traditional, hearty burger becomes sweet and fruity.

Ketchup and mustard have become too conventional for many as well. Homemade chutneys such as a light chili-mango chutney create a special flair. But the creativity doesn’t stop here – conventional buns are often replaced by focaccia, sesame or black burger buns that give the entire burger a refined look – and incidentally ensure the perfect Instagram shot.

And for all the people counting calories there’s a low-carb alternative, aka the bunless burger. Following the motto “Let’s just forget about the bun”, the ingredients are served between lettuce or, nicely decorated, inside a bowl.

But what about the patty itself? When it comes to high-quality burgers, the patty hasn’t consisted out of medium done beef for a long time. Whether it’s plant-based or made from protein-rich insects – the meatless, vegetarian and vegan burgers are taking the foodie-scene by storm and constitute great competition to the regular beef burger.

We say: Take a bite and enjoy!