Starting a business requires courage, passion and a vision. The food industry is one of the largest sectors in Germany and competition in the market is intense. Therefore, it is all the more important to come up with creative ideas, an innovative concept and a unique company.

For this interview series, we'd like to take a look at the mind games and motivations of the Bold Foods team, talk about the topic of starting a company, and what drives the team.

In the second part of our interview series we ask Federico, co-founder of Bold Foods, six questions.


Starting a startup always means risk. Why is the investment still worthwhile?

Making the world a little better every day with food - that's a very special feeling and certainly one of the main drivers for us.

Even after working long nights in the office, you go to sleep with a smile, knowing that in addition to building a great company, you also drive forward a vision of the future and make customers happy with great products.

Why do you call yourself "Bold Foods"?

Our company name describes exactly the demands we place on ourselves and our nutrition today. We stand for something new, for alternatives, for something that may be a bit different or unusual. Something that invigorates our taste buds and pleases our body and our environment. We see our food not only as a satiety or pleasure, but also as a statement. Because it is important to us which ingredients we use, where they come from and how they are processed. And: we love variety!

Bold Foods stands a.o. for sustainability. Would you call yourself an environmentalist?

Rather than "neo-eco". A neo-eco is open to the world and knows that it is important for everyone to pay attention to what you eat. Not only health plays a central role here, but also the topic of climate change. He enjoys sharing ideas with others and likes to pass on his knowledge. Judging was yesterday, sharing and learning is today. Because we all have much to learn in terms of nutrition and it is fun to change something together.

You are Italian - good food is in your DNA. Can you make the classic, whether Italian or German, more sustainable and "bolder"?

Sure, there is a lot of potential for innovation, even with well-tried classics. Even if my grandmother could possibly turn in the grave - scusami nonna.

How about, for example, algae lasagna with insect mushroom hamburger and oatmeal béchamel sauce? So that sounds like a bold classic for me, right?

Maybe we'll leave the development of recipes to the pros ...

What is your personal vision for Bold Foods?

With Bold Foods, I want to convince people to rethink their diet and explore new paths that are not determined by the current food industry. Alternative sources of protein should become the norm in our society - not only because they taste delicious, but also good for our planet.

Do you have any plans for other products?

We are constantly tinkering with new products and of course have many new ideas, but are also extremely selective in the selection. That means from 10 ideas, we actively pursue only 1 to 2 at the end. We‘ll keep you up to date.