Our food revolution is in full effect, conquering the nation's deep freezers. From now on our three patties with insect protein are available throughout Germany at Kaufland and Globus as well as in selected Real stores. So: Be Bold!

You want to reduce meat consumption, but you don’t want to compromise valuable proteins? With us you can do just that! Our frozen insect patties are proper protein bombs and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, because buffalo worms serve as the basis of all patties. In order to save resources, we have chosen to forgo the use of soya and other unnecessary additives in the production. That means for you: You can enjoy them without a bad conscience - also tastes much better.

Whether for environmentally friendly athletes, courageous grill masters or the experimentalists among you, there is something for everyone. Our balanced burger patties are available in the flavors tex mex, rice and spinach. And what awaits you?

Just hot: With its fiery temperament, the tex mex burger "The Big T" ensures that you can literally taste the sun. By contrast, "The Big R" stands for a pure taste. Its spicy rice blend provides a hearty taste experience, perfect for combining and creating. With its high spinach content "The Big S" transforms you into Popeye 2.0 and tastes super juicy and fresh. And where do you find us?

From now on you can find us at Kaufland and Globus throughout Germany as well as in selected Real branches in Braunschweig, Isernhagen-Altwarmbüchen, Berlin-Treptow, Berlin-Spandau, Göttingen, Hamburg-Farmsen, Hamburg, Hamburg-Oststeinbek, Lübeck and Wolfsburg. From mid-May we will also be available at Netto in time for the start of the barbecue season and only for a limited time. That means: Actually, there is no way past us. So, on the patties, set, go!