The sun is shining and the barbecue season is officially here - there is really only one thing left: the right stuff to throw on the grill. But how can you really score points in 2019 and conquer the hearts of die-hard bbq fans? The Bold Foods team took a closer look at the Grill Trends 2019.

Clearly this season it's time to move away from the old boring home cooking and to more courage on the grill. The grill season 2019 will be creative, spicy and healthy. Experimenters in particular will get their money's worth this year, because now complete menus can be conjured up on the grid.


For true trendsetters: fun with meat substitutes


Where sausages and chops used to be roasted, juicy meatless burgers, spicy vegetables, delicious cheeses or even fruits are sizzling today. Because meat replacement is the new sustainable trend. And that does not mean tofu or other soy products from the last few seasons.


Instead of bloody steaks, for example, juicy patches of insect protein are used. Whether in the bun, wrap or pure, the crunchy patties offer something for every taste and are also quick and easy to prepare. According to the Food Report 2019, the novel protein suppliers, aka insects, are in high demand in response to climate change. Barbecuing becomes a real pleasure without any bad conscience.


Enjoyment without renouncement: Healthy Hedonism


Barbecuing and healthy eating - how does it fit together? In the sense of the food trend Healthy Hedonism, the way to go in 2019 is: Instead of limiting it to certain foods and nutrients, as well as cumbersome calorie counting, the concept propagates more diversity and unites the concepts of enjoyment and health. Allowed is what does the body good and tastes delicious. Since the beginning of the year, this food trend has also led to an increase in vegetable hypes, which are spreading rapidly among the foodies. The main players of this season on the grill: mushrooms. Whether herbal Since Ling, Portobello, Shiitake or Enoki, filled, marinated or pure - the meat is rich in protein and low in fat and tastes grilled particularly delicious.


It's all about the marinade


For the perfect enjoyment only the right marinades and dips are missing. But keep your hands-off mayo and ketchup from the tube and take the original approach with spicy home-made creations. The possibilities are virtually endless and especially crazy combinations can be real eye-catchers on the grill. In the sense of the Levante food trend, the barbecue fan 2019 relies on spices from the eastern Mediterranean region such as cardamom, cloves and sumac. But also spices from Asia such as turmeric or cayenne enrich the barbecue dishes this year and bring spice and color to the grid. We say: Get to the grill and wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment!