The most exciting Food Trends 2019

Foodies watch out! You want to know how to treat yourself this year? We have done the work for you and eaten eagerly - these are our picks for the top 5 food trends 2019.

Whether it's cronut, unicorn cake pops, or rainbow-colored food, food trends are spreading fast on the Internet, Instagram in particular. Being "Instagrammable" is key for good food in recent years. One thing is certain: in 2019, food trends are more sustainable. Consumers are taking off their pink glasses and want more than just likes and reposts - the importance of conscious consumption prevails. In this short article we introduce you to five of the most popular current food trends:

Healthy hedonism    

Variety and self-determination instead of monotony and renunciation - this is the concept behind Healthy Hedonism. Whatever feels good and tastes good is allowed. Eat when and what you want, but stay regardful, conscious and healthy. This food trend is all about listening more to your body, trying out new things and being culinary courageous.

Meat is so yesterday

More and more, there are other protagonists on our plate. Plant based and insect based foods are taking the hearts by storm. These products replace the classic animal products without compromising in taste. This trend is all about a vision of a world where less animal products are consumed. For example, Jackfruit is the new tofu. The South Asian fruit manages to deliver a perfect imitation of flesh in a marinated state.

Insects to nibble

Who does not know - to his favorite series you just need something to nibble. Chips, salt sticks & co. are not very healthy. Unlike the newcomer: insects. Yes, heard right. The new sustainable protein source is rich in vitamins and minerals. It may cost a bit of overcoming in the beginning, but the taste is convincing. Whether as snack or bar - insects offer an alternative in every aspect.


The days when you would just stuff your stomach without thinking about the impact are over. All consumption is well reflected and consumers want to know more about their food: where does the product come from, what ingredients are in it and how was it processed? The carbon footprint also plays a major role in this quest for transparency. Understanding at glance if a product is morally uncritical is key - this trend is definitely one that makes you think.

Edible straws

Say NO to plastic! Pollution from plastic packaging and products in the oceans is increasing. It is all the more important to find environmentally friendly alternatives such as edible drinking straws. The base used is apple pomace, so press residues in the production of apple juice. These are also much more hygienic and harmless than drinking straws made of metal or glass.

Not only are the five trends really tasty, but they also keep our planet as green as it is now. Which is your favorite food trend? Share your opinion on Instagram or Facebook. We are curious!