Population growth, climate change, pollution – The world is changing at a fast pace and we cannot keep ignoring the challenges we currently face. Our livelihood and planet are at stake. But there’s good news: It’s not too late to make a difference – step by step – with our foods choices and new, resource-protecting habits.  

The right start: Eat consciously

According to a current study published by the Zukunftsinstitut (Institute for Future Research), the average German eats 46 pigs and almost 1,000 chicken throughout his life. At the same time, meat is under harsh criticism due to numerous scandals as well as its carbon footprint.

Food has become much more than a necessity in our society. It is much more a matter of conscious choice for or against something. The consumer is no longer interested in just the product – he wants to know where it came from, how it was made and if its production caused any harm upon animals or the environment. That means it’s about time to make room for change. And that’s exactly our vision at Bold Foods. We represent a new Generation of food companies with a clear statement: We want to support new lifestyles and eating habits with our products. One of the new movements currently taking over Europe by storm comes from the U.S. – and is called flexitarianism.

Due to large-scale animal farming, climate change and health concerns more and more people are becoming eat least part-time vegetarians, aka flexitarians, who choose to avoid meat on certain days of the week but don’t want to live without it entirely. Instead of “cheap ‘n easy”, a flexitarians motto is “fresher, healthier and more sustainable” or, moreover, “conscious but without restrictions”.

The revolution starts now!

In our society of abundance, markets have turned into a complete and total complexity problem. There’s everything one might desire – and too much of everything. However, the consumer is just looking for the product that reflects his moral views, keeps him healthy and –of course - tastes good.

To fight this trend, we have a big vision: We want to revolutionarize the food industry and create yummy, alternative food options with minimal ecological impact, such as meat substitutes made with insects – an eco-friendly alternative rich in protein. Our goal: Improve peoples’ health and allow for a better treatment of our planet through sustainable foods. Sound like a win-win, right?

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